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What we do

Patient travel planning and funding in 3 simple steps


Efficient Medical Travel Planning: Recording Site Visits and Assisting Patients

We make scheduling healthcare appointments worry-free and hassle-free for both patients and clinical sites. We communicate with patients about transportation preferences and offer guidance and support throughout the process. Partner with us for a seamless experience and excellent customer satisfaction.


We Simplify Travel With Expert Help And Prepaid services

We offer support to patients by discussing their travel plans and reimbursing expenses. Our team prioritizes patients‘ comfort and well-being, working closely with them to address specific needs. By alleviating the burden of travel expenses, we aim to ensure patients can focus on their health and recovery. We are committed to delivering high-quality care and service, going above and beyond to meet patients‘ unique needs.


We Promptly Transfers Funds Immediately Upon Receiving The Necessary Information

Upon visiting the site, we diligently gather all pertinent information and receipts. Patients are given financial assistance for their travel, meals, and parking expenses, thereby reducing the financial burden that often comes with medical visits. We are pleased to offer direct, seamless transfers of funds directly to the patient’s bank account. With this in mind, our primary goal is to simplify the process of obtaining reimbursement so that patients can focus on their recovery without undue financial stress.

Why Choose Us?

Great customer service tailored to each client.

Keeping track on schedule

We help patients plan their travel well in advance of their appointments.

Top notch service

Our coordinators are trained to provide excellent customer service.

We're here to help. Anytime.

We are here to make your medical travel easier and are available to assist you.